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Flotation Separation Of Barite From Iron Ores

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Flotation Separation Of Barite From Iron Ores Description

flotation separation

Flotation separation is the most important separation technique used in mineral processing for base-metal ores. Originally used to concentrate sulphides, ores of copper, zinc and lead, it is nowadays also used in the treatment of non-metallic ores such as fine coal, fluorite and phosphate, potash, barite, oxides such as cassiterite and haematite; and oxide minerals, such as cerussite and malachite.

flotation separation operation principle

In flotation, the separation of minerals is accomplished by utilising the differences in their physico-chemical surface properties. For instance, after conditioning with reagents, some particles become water repellent or hydrophobic (or aerophilic), while other particles remain hydrophilic. In the selective separation process, the airbubbles stick to the hydrophobic (or aerophilic) particles, lifting them to the water surface and forming a stable froth, which is removed. The hydrophilic particles remain within the pulp and are discharged. Flotation processes generally consist of several stages to clean the concentrates again and to scavenge the remaining valuable minerals from the tailings.

The production of flotation barite concentrate from mined complex iron ores and raw barite materials are subjects of examination in the present paper. The beneficiation plant was put into operation very early and fitted out with magnetizing roasting kilns, low intensity magnetic separators, flotation cells, concentration tables and equipment for dewatering and drying of concentrates.

barite processing equipment

The barite production plant consists of three main sections: 1. a three stages crushing station where the barite raw material is reduced from a top size of about 600 mm down to 20 mm; a two-stage jigging section with interstage grinding whereby a gravity concentrate is produced; a flotation line for the recovery of barite values still contained in the fine fractions discarded from the preceding section. the main barite beneficiation equipment in barite processing plant are barite jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crushers, cone crusher, barite grinding mill, washing and screening plant, separation equipment and so on.

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