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Flotation Separation For Copper Tailings

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Flotation Separation For Copper Tailings Description

There are many forms and methods for tailings process. Before 1970, tailings dam was common used. In recent years, Shanghai XSM has developed equipment and technics to process tailing discharging with dry way.The process and equipment has been used widely.The promotion and application of new equipment and technology, has been greatly reducing the investment of dealing with tailings for the investors.

Types of copper ore

Composition of copper ore is very complex, including chalcocite, chalcopyrite, azurite, tetrahedrite, malachite, etc. Different beneficiation process is designed according to different ore. Even if the same type of ore in different mining plant, the beneficiation process is also different. According to the properties of different ore, we will choose suitable beneficiation process.

copper ore tailings processing

According to the common beneficiation process,the copper processing plants are generally divided into:crushing – grinding – classifying – flotation – copper concentrate and tailings process.

Crushing equipments

it will adopt tertiary or fourth crushing in the medium and large mining plant.To achieve the modern dressing concept of more broken and less grinding, Many mining plant adopts the crushing and inspecting process. XSM has nearly 20 years’ manufacturing experience; we can provide many kinds of crushing and grinding equipments.

Grinding mills

Since 19th century, ball mill is the first choice of grinding equipment.With features of simple structure, strong process controlled, easy maintenance and long life, ball mill is the main equipment of grinding equipment. the capacity of ball mill produced by XSM can reach 300 – 2500t / d, and meet the basic process requirements of customers.

Classifying equipments

Classifying equipment is professional equipment for inspection process and control of grain size. The common equipments of classifying are spiral classifier, high frequency screen, hydrocyclone, etc.

Flotation equipments

Flotation equipment is a main equipment of chemical flotation, including: floatation column, flotation tank. Flotation tank has many models and volume, the commonly models of flotation machine: SF series, XJK Series, KYF Series, XCF Series, JJF Series and BF Series. they are divided into two types of self-suction and washed gas. The volume can achieve from 0.37 – 32 m3.According to different process, you can choose the right model and volume.At present, Shanghai XSM flotation machine can meet the needs of different conditions.

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