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Copper And Lead Separation Beneficiation Plant

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Copper And Lead Separation Beneficiation Plant Description

Recently, the global scale environmental problem has become a critical issue. In metallic material, not only the cost reduction and improvement of mechanical properties but also the decrease in environmental load is required. In copper alloys, several mass% Pb was added to improve the machinability. A huge amount of copper alloy scraps containing Pb will become industrial waste because the scrap will not be available as the raw materials.

copper lead ore beneficiation plant

The copper-ore is first sent to the jaw crusher for primary crushing. Then the ore with a proper size will be treated by the secondary crushing. After the two crushing stages, copper-bearing particles will be sent into the ball mill for fine crushing and grinding. The ore powder discharged from the ball mill will be sent to the next process: classifying. Because specific gravity makes different sedimentation rate, spiral classifier can clean and gather the mixture. Later, the clean and grouped mixture is sent to the magnetic separator. Generally, magnetic substance can be separated from the mixture under magnetic and mechanical forcedue to the different susceptibility. Then the mixture is sent to the flotation machine. According to the properties of different ores, we can add different additive into the mixture to separate the ore which we want from the mixture. After the separation from the mixture, the ore we want always contains a lot of water, then we need a thickener to have it concentrated and then dried by a drier, eventually we can get dry ore. Then the entire process of copper beneficiation is finished.

copper ore flotation separation

The flotation separator, also named as flotation machine, is widely used in the beneficiation process of metal ores. In some countries, mining producers also call it as flotator, which is the short form of the flotation machine. In the flotation separator, the slurry is fully mixed with potions, and stirred powerfully to make air enter it. Some mineral particles float on the mineralized froth because of low density. The rest sink down, paving the way for later separation. There are many types of flotation separator for copper processing, and here we focus on XSM’s copper flotation separator.

The use of gravity or magnetic separation followed by upgrading on a shaking table recovered about 25 percent of the copper and lead minerals, at a combined metal grade of 20 per cent, from the final flotation tailing at the Tsumeb Mine.

Magnetic separation recovered the copper minerals more efficiently than the lead minerals; it also recovered finer particles more efficiently than standard gravity separators. However, the grade of the concentrate produced by magnetic separation was not of sufficiently high grade, and further upgrading by gravity separation was necessary.

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