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Tire Type Mobile Crusher

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Tire Type Mobile Crusher Description

Tire Type Mobile Crusher is a serialized novel rock crushing equipment of Shanghai xuanshi machinery Co.,Ltd development and launch. It is expanding the rough crushing, comminution the field of the concept of operations greatly. Mobile crushing plant design concept of the purpose is that the position of a customer, to eliminate the barriers that the crushing site, environmental, complex basic configurations to customers broken as the primary solution. Truly provide customers with simple, efficient, cost-effective operation of the project hardware facilities.
Tire Type Mobile Crusher performance characteristics:
The concept of integration unit equipment installation is integrated group practices that eliminating the installation of split components of the complex site infrastructure and support facilities, reducing materials, working hours consumption. The reasonably compact space layout of units is optimization facilities configuration stationed at the venue space. Simple and compact facilities layout expanded material stacking, transit space.
Tire Type Mobile Crusher Product features:

1. Vehicle-mounted electric motor and control box integration;

2.In-car installation support, the equipment venues stationed efficient and convenient;

3. High-performance crusher, large crushing ratio;

4. Steering traction axis, to facilitate road transport and venues in depth;

5. Rational allocation according to the customer site.

Technical Specifications of Tire Type Mobile Crusher

Model SYPS1010 SYPS1210 SYPS1214
Transportation Dimensions(mm)
Length (mm) 10800 12200 12500
Width (mm) 2480 2743 2900
Height (mm) 4170 4200 4200
Weight (Kg) 28800 31500 39600
Axle Weight (Kg) 15900 17200 22100
Traction (Kg) 11300 14300 17500
Model PF1010 PF1210 PF1214
Max Feeding Opening(mm) 400×1080 400×1080 400×1430
Discharging Opening Adjusting Range(mm) 50-100 65-180 80-180
Production Capacity (M3/h) 25-60 30-85 70-150
Vibrating Screen
Model 4YZS1237 4YZS1548 4YZS1848

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