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Vacuum Permanent Filter

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Vacuum Permanent Filter Description

Vacuum Permanent Filter finishes its work through the following continuous steps: feeding, blowing ore, absorption into mass, dehydration, discharging and cleaning. Vacuum Permanent Filter mainly depends on open circuit magnetic effect arrranged by permanent magnet inside the barrel to form filter mass. After magnetic material enters into holding box, solid magnetic material is absorbed on filtering cloth of cylinder under tha action of magnetic force and gravity of particle. Because of feeding on the upper, the effect of mineral particle layering in filtering mass becomes more obvious, thus filter mass is very thick and has good permeability, and it enters into dehydration layer with the rotation of barrel.

Under the action of vacuum, residual water in filter mass going through filtering cloth and is extracted through filter chamber and two vacuum lines on the distribution head, dehydrated material is blowed down by compressed air in discharging area, filtering cloth enters into cleaning area after discharging, cleaning is done through the way of alternative of blowing and water. Compressed air forcedly blows water from inside to outside of barrel, forms a good cleaning process, prevents blocking vacuity of filter and makes a good preparation for dehydration of material next time

Technical Specifications of Vacuum Permanent Filter

Model No. GYW-3 GYW-5 GYW-8 GYW-12 GYW-20
Filtering area (m2) 3 5 8 12 20
Drum Diameter (mm) 1600 2000 2250
Length (mm) 700 900 1400 2000 2650
rotating speed (r/min) 0.5~2.0
vacuum degree (kpa) 60~80
swept volume (m³/min) 0.5~2.0
blast pressure (kpa) 10~30
blast volume (m³/min) 0.1~0.5
Magnetic field intensity (GS) 820GS 870GS
ore density ≥60%
Capacity(t/h) 6-9 14-18 22-43 33-65 54-108
Moisture 8%-11% 8%-10%
Dimension (mm) 1895*2506*2087 2110*2755*2500 2610*2905*2500 3210*2905*2500  
Weight (t) 3.27 3.94 4.76 5.42 6.5
Motor Model No. Y100L-6 Y112M-6 Y132M1-6
Power (kw) 1.5 2.2 4
Speed (r/min) 940 960

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