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DMC Pulse Bag Dust Catcher

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DMC Pulse Bag Dust Catcher Description

DMC pulse bag dust catcher, a small model of the bag dust catcher, designed by us on the basis of introducing many advantages of the same products, adopts advanced pulse blow technology, which enables the machine complete clear the dust, low resistance. The qualified spare parts ensure the high-efficiency of the dust catcher. This pulse bag dust catcher is of high efficiency of the cleaning, long service life, easy to maintain, safe operation. It can be widely used in purification of all types of crushing and screening equipment.
DMC Pulse Bag Dust Catcher Working Principle
Dust-laden air through the inlet into the next ash bucket by fan powered, then speed dips, large weight dust particles fall into the ash bucket, fine dust into the cabinet with the airflow ,and out of the discharge outlet after the purification treatment by the sieve of the filter bag. The dust which separated outer of the surface of the filter bag makes the resistance increases gradually, this time the comtroller send up signal according to the set resistance range, electromagnetic pulse valve is open, the high-pressure air which in the air bag spray quickly, through the Venturi tube several times in the first wind-induced ambient air into the filter bag, so the filter bag instant expansion, and shake off the dust fall into the dust hopper by a purge-air role.
DMC pulse bag dust catcher features:
1.Full automation
3.Easy maintenance.

Technical Specifications of DMC Pulse Bag Dust Catcher

Model Wind Capacity
Filtration Area
Wind Filtration Speed
Bag Number
Running Resistance
Inlet Dust Concentration
Outlet Dust Concentration
Air Consumption
DMC-32 1500-2100 24 1-15 32 ≤1200 <200 <50 0.10
DMC-48 2100-3200 36 1-1.5 48 ≤1200 <200 <50 0.14
DMC-64 2900-4300 48 1-1.5 64 ≤1200 <200 <50 0.20
DMC-80 4000-6000 60 1-1.7 80 ≤1200 <200 <50 0.24
DMC-96 5200-7000 72 1.2-1.7 96 ≤1200 <200 <50 0.29
DMC-112 6000-9000 84 1.2-1.8 112 ≤1200 <200 <50 0.34
DMC-120 10800-21600 96 1.5-4 120 ≤1200 <200 <50 1.45
Note:This specification is just reference,any changes are subject to the DMC pulse bag dust catcher products.

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