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New Fine Crusher

Our New Fine Crusher is the best one of the crushing machine(New Fine Crusher), choose us is to choose peace of mind.

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New Fine Crusher Description

New fine crusher is a new type of fine crushing and rough milling machine which is designed and manufactured on the basis of the main technical parameters of the domestic compound crusher and impact crusher. This machine is widely applied in the area of making and fine crushing which is a suitable fine crusher for medium-sized cement plant.
New style fine crusher machine is widely applied in gravel and manufacturing line.
New Fine Crusher Features
1. Large production capacity
2. High crushing ratio, lower power consumption
3. Sealed well and running smoothly 
4. Convenient in maintenance.

Technical Specifications of New Fine Crusher

Rotor Diameter
Feeding Size
Rotating Speed
D1176 1000 20-40 <120 <3-5 60%-90% 769 45-75 3100×1750×1640
D1390 1250 40-70 <150 <3-5 60%-90% 530 75-90 3600×1700×1600
D1613 1500 70-100 <180 <3-5 60%-90% 495 110-132 3880×2150×2115
D1816 1750 90-130 <2000 <3-5 60%-90% 424 132-160 4310×2157×2150
D2020 2000 100-160 <220 <3-5 60%-90% 370 160-200 4593×2157×2200
Note:This specification is just reference,any changes are subject to the new fine crusher products.

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