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Tin Ore Processing Plant

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Tin Ore Processing Plant Description

tin ore characteristics and properties

There are more than 50 kinds of tin minerals in which about more than 20 kinds are mainly exploited. As of now, cassiterite is of most economic significance, followed by yellow tin ore. In some deposits, sulphur-tin-lead ore, franckeite, cylindrite, sometimes canfieldite, black boron tin ore, malayaite, varlamoffite and brucite tin ore can also be relatively enriched to come into being of industrial value. Tin ore concentrate is the main raw materials to refine tin.

Tin is an important metal on earth. Its specific gravity is 7.3 and it has low melting point, very stable chemical properties and high ductility at room temperature.

tin ore beneficiation and equipment

As we all known, different ores have different beneficiation methods and beneficiation equipment. Tin ore beneficiation methods is determined by its own characteristics and properties. Tin ore beneficiation process can be divided into tin ore crushing, grinding, sizing, separating, concentrating. In each operation, you need different beneficiation equipment. For tin ore crushing, we can provide you with different kinds of crushing and grinding equipment, such as tin ore jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, ball mill, super thin grinding mill and so on. In terms of tin ore separating, magnetic separation is a common used method to separate natural magnetic tin ore from various less-magnetic or nonmagnetic materials. But there are occasions when gravity or flotation method is more efficient than magnetic separation and these all depend on the ore properties and actual situations. After separating, thickening and dewatering are processed to remove the moisture or liquid from mineral fines. After all those procedures, you can get high-grade and dry tin products.

tin ore separation methods

Due to the density of tin ore is higher than that of paragenticmineral, the traditional mineral processing of tin ore is gravity separation machine. Over time, the input size of tin ore becomes fine, and flotation method are used in concentrating tin ore. In addition, there are various oxide mineral exist in tin ore, such as magnetite, aluminum hematite and limonite etc, and these oxide mineral are not easy separated from the tin ore by gravity separation and flotation machine. So magnetic separation equipment are also used in tin ore processing plant gradually.

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