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Tantalum Niobium Ore Processing Plant In Mozambique

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Tantalum Niobium Ore Processing Plant In Mozambique Description

There are a number of fairly large deposits that contain Ta/Nb associated with zircon in a complex gangue matrix. Over the past 10 years, extensive laboratory testwork has been performed on several deposits from the Middle East (Arabia), Africa (Malawi) and Brazil. A description of the new processes used for beneficiation of these ores is presented in the following section.

separation method and equipment

Due to the nature of Ta/Nb–Zr, separation using a flotation method is not possible. Research using magnetic separation was carried out under different operating conditions. The efficiency of the Ta/Nb–Zr separation was a function of a number of factors, including:

Acid pretreatment pH

Stage separation at different magnetic field strengths

Separate treatment of slime and sand fractions.

tantalum niobium ore processing plant

The sized material is fed to a hydrochute and wet sizing screens by a variable-speed belt feeder and conveyor. The hydrochute and sizing screens use high-pressure spray water for washing and sizing the material and removal of the clay content. This concept was developed and used successfully by ETS on other similar applications in place of conventional scrubbing. The sizing screens separate the material into suitable size fractions for feeding the coarse and fine jig plants and spiral plants. Oversize from the screens and discard from the jigs is combined and is stockpiled for future crushing and reprocessing. The product from the jigs is milled and fed through the sizing screens to the spirals. The spiral concentrate is further treated on concentrating tables after which it is dried, weighed and packaged for export.

mining equipment and supplier

For the industrial tantalum manufacture, the mining or blasted tantalite, should be loaded to tantalite production line by the heavy truck. In the first step, the tantalite ore should be transported into tantalite jaw crusher, impact crusher or gyratory cone crusher for the primary crusher by belt conveyor.Which crushing machine you choose according to the size of the tantalite. After tantalite crushing processing line and the vibrating screen, the size of tantalite less than 3 inch will be transported into tantalite vertical roller grinding mill or tantalite roller ball mill for grinding. The size of tantalite above 3 inches will be vibrating and recovery for the second crusher process by vibrating screen. The process will be going on until the tantalite ore below 3 inch.

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